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os-cillation is an experienced IT-company located in Siegen/Germany with a portfolio that includes

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os-cillation and Xfld

We make extensive use of Xfce at os-cillation and are convinced of its power. We have developed Xfld to give anyone the opportunity to get to know this desktop-environment, and also, to encourage the idea of OpenSource.

Concerning Xfce and Xfld we offer:

  • Customization of Xfce to your needs. With one of the main developers of Xfce in our team, we possess sound knowledge of how to include features into Xfce or customize it.
    Have you ever thought of a customized work-space? - Here are competence and ability to carry these thoughts into effect.
  • Linux Live-CD containing your product. Many applications require a certain runtime-environment. In other cases, you'd possibly like to offer a web-application or another client/server-application. We can include your product into a customized live-CD - and your customers can test it without inconvenience of any installation routines, solely by booting from a CD.

Agentur für Webentwicklung und Apps (iOS, Android), Dienstleister für Systementwicklung (embedded Linux, Mikrocontroller, Elektronik)