Xfld - OS on a CD

Xfld provides an alternative OS for common i386-machines which are able to boot from CD-ROM. No software installation is required: The only requirement is to enable the computer to boot from CD in BIOS or boot-sequence. As soon as the computer is booted and the OS is loaded automagically, it is prepared and runs Gnu/Linux.

Extensive software package

Xfld provides approximately two gigabytes of (transparently compressed) software. Among those are tools like the Gimp, OpenOffice, which is partiallly compatible with Microsoft Office, Firefox for browsing the web, Thunderbird for reading your mail - and many more.

Featuring: Xfce

Xfld features Xfce as its default desktop environment and therefore enables the user to test-drive this extensive and fancy desktop enviroment at will.

Mobility und productivity

Xfld provides an OS not only for testing purposes, but also for productive work. You can easily carry your working environment with you by just carrying along the Xfld-CD (as OS and working-environment) and an USB-stick (for personal data).

Other features

You can get more information e.g. on subjects like how to install Xfld on a harddrive or which boot parameters to use on the Ubuntu homepage.

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