News: Xfld 0.3 released

Today, 29.10.2006, Oliver Schweissgut has announced the release of Xfld 0.3:

The os-cillation team is happy to announce the release of Xfld 0.3. Xfld is a live demo for the Xfce desktop environment in the upcomming version 4.4. Xfld boots from CD-ROM and provides a complete GNU/Linux operating environment without the need to install anything.

The new release features applications and tools like

  • Xfce 4.4rc1 with Thunar and goodies
  • OpenOffice 2.0.4
  • Gimp 2.2.13
  • Firefox 2.0
  • Thunderbird 1.5
  • abiword 2.4.5
  • Wireshark 0.99.3a
  • gaim 2.0.0+beta3
  • Ruby, Python and Perl
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Xfld 0.3 is now based on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) instead of plain debian as before. In contrast to the Xubuntu install CDs, the Xfld CD contains much more tools and applications necessary for both productive usage with graphical interface and command line interface. But the focus of Xfld remains demonstrating the latest Xfce.

The images can be downloaded from our mirrors.

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What is Xfld?

Xfld - 'Xfce live demo' - is a liveCD , demonstrating the latest version of Xfce desktop environment and providing a complete Gnu/Linux operating system (based on Ubuntu), which could be run directly from the CD. In contrast to the Xubuntu install CDs, the Xfld CD contains all tools and applications necessary for both productive usage with graphical  interface and command line interface. Furthermore the main purpose of Xfld is demonstrating the latest Xfce.

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What is Xfce?

Xfce is a desktop environment, which runs on a variety of  Linux/Unix/BSD distributions. The Xfce-developers have three main design principles, which make Xfce very attractive to the users:

  • Xfce is very low on resources
  • Xfce is easy to be set up and is very intuitive in its usage
  • Xfce aims to provide an attractive up-to-date GUI environment

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Who is os-cillation?

os-cillation GmbH is a development, engineering and web development company, located in Siegen/Germany. os-cillation provides development and linux knowhow, technical consulting, project management and special server solutions. The main focus of os-cillation is the development of technical software for Linux and Unix - e.g. OpenBSD, NetBSD, FreeBSD.

The os-cillation team is involved with OpenSource software for Linux and Unix. os-cillation developed the Xfld-CD to point out the advantages of OpenSource in general and those of Xfce in particular.

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